Marketing Value of Surf Videos

Surf videos are a great avenue of “free surfers” to make a living without having to surf contests.  Surfing videos also provide an opportunity for surfers to gain exposure to secure sponsorships or endorsements deals.

In the 80’s, companies like Astrodeck, Quiksilver, Rip Curl and Billabong featured good surfing from their teams.  Billabong provided the classics like surf into summer, Filthy Habits and Bunyip Dreaming and Rip Curl took the world searching with Tom Curren.

In the 90’s Taylor Steele and Lost Enterprises took the surf video market to new heights.  Taylor featured a select group of young surfers. With the exception of Chris Ward and Cory Lopez, Lost featured the lesser known or less exposed rippers. These surf movies had innovative surfing, rocking soundtracks and they pushed the level of surfing further.

These days it seems like every surf company is releasing a new surf flick. What does that mean for you, the aspiring surfer?  More opportunity for exposure… If you want to be seriously considered for endorsements, you better be in some of these surf movies.  At the very minimum, you better upload yourself surfing on to youtube.  Displaying good style with maneuvers that connect from section to section is important.

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