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Professional Management

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The Surfer Agency aims to maximize professional surfers with endorsements in and out of the surf industry.   Former ASP judge Dave Schulte is paving the way for professional management with the Surfer Agency.  Professional management has been forgotten for many years in pro surfing and many professional surfers have had to struggle with lost opportunities because they never had management with a vision for marketing and seizing opportunities. 

The Surfer Agency understands that often times athletes have a very small window of opportunity so our executive makes ever effort to secure the best possible endorsements with the companies that fit the mold.

Surfer Agency is a talent agency that specializes in managing, marketing and promoting surfing professionals.  If you want to take your talent to the next level and get maximize your income, then Surfer Agency is the company you need to represent your talents. 

We deliver the top resources marketing surfing talent and image. Surfer Agency offers a free consultation for:

o   Endorsements

o   Coaching/ Training

o   Sponsorship

o   Video Promotions

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Surfer Goes Live

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Sports management group, Surfer Agency announce a new website dedicated to marketing and promoting professional surfers across the globe.  The sports marketing firm specializes in management for surfers.


Why Surfer Agency?

We are surfers representing surfers. We bring together a marketing team that is focused on maximizing the value of their clients with endorsments, negotiations and coaching.

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