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Future World Champ Meah Collins

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For anyone who hasn’t seen 10-year old prodigy, Meah Collins watching her surf is quite a treat.  No one would argue that she rips but to have style that smooth at age 10 is pretty shocking.   Meah is the daughter of surf legend Richie Collins, so it may not be all that shocking, but 10 years old!   

Watch Future World Champ Meah Collins Rip Uppers

When she is not competing against professional women twice her age, she can be found at home in New Port Beach ripping up the local beach breaks.  Keep your eye on Meah, she just might be crowned ASP Women’s World Champ! meah-collins2


Surfer Goes Live

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Sports management group, Surfer Agency announce a new website dedicated to marketing and promoting professional surfers across the globe.  The sports marketing firm specializes in management for surfers.


Why Surfer Agency?

We are surfers representing surfers. We bring together a marketing team that is focused on maximizing the value of their clients with endorsments, negotiations and coaching.

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